Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Snowed Again.

I'm not really sure what day it is.  I think it's Wednesday.  It's hard to keep track with all the craziness in the schedule around here.  Holidays, snow's hard to get in a solid groove.  I'm happy to say that I haven't missed a day of my 365 Project, but THIS blog has suffered.  And what happens when THAT happens is that you (the reader) end up with a whole bunch of pictures and not so much content.  Sorry.  So, here are some pictures from the last week or so, in an attempt to sum up.

Hmmm...this (above) is from LAST Monday.  Not the one we just had, but the one before that.  I went to a really nice knitting night out with my friend Jill, and we made these coffee mug sweaters.  Now my coffee has a choice of two sweaters!  Kevin has informed me that his beers aren't going to be needing  any scarves or anything.  We'll just see what comments like that will get him!

Since Daphne was actually at school last week, I started seriously taking control of the house.  I made a lot of progress in the office/craft room, and I wish I had a "BEFORE" picture so you could see.  It's been a long time since you could see the surface of my desk.  Or the FLOOR!   It makes me so happy.

Daphne's rocks have finished Phase Two in the rock tumbler.  They look pretty, and should look even prettier when they finish Phase Three.

We had chicken marsala.  I love chicken marsala.  And the best news is that Daphne's "I don't like mushrooms" phase is over, so she loves it too.  She calls it Chicken Awesomesala, or something like that.  That also makes me happy.

There was no school on Monday for MLK, so Daphne took a little sewing class and made a scarf for her American Girl Doll:

And a groovy necklace for herself:

When she got home, she made a paper chain and hung up streamers so we could have a proper MLK celebration, complete with leftover chicken awesomesala and a moose-drawing contest (?!).  Sometimes it's like I live with Buddy the Elf.

Meanwhile, I took some time to work on this:

At the MLK sewing class, another Mom said snow was on its way.  That was the first I heard about it, but sure enough, it came, and we got the call from Wayde Byard - Public Information Office for Loudoun County Public Schools - no school Tuesday.

We watched as the snow kept on falling.  Kev stayed home from work and decided we should go sledding.  I was NOT on board with this idea because I looked outside and saw snow falling sideways in the strong strong wind.  But, we bundled ourselves up and headed over to the school where we were the only people crazy enough to be outside sledding.  And I have to admit, it was a BLAST.

That's me in the green hat, sledding down the hill, happy in spite of the strong strong wind.

Here is the aftermath:

We ended up with a LOT of snow.  The most we've had probably since the Snowmageddon a few years ago.  We got another call from Wayde last night.  No school today.  So I was right.  It IS Wednesday.

The snow days have been fun.  Kev has been home with us and has had more time than usual to play with Daphne.  We got to watch the first episode of Seaon Three of Sherlock (brilliant).  Daphne had time to knit this collar for Quincy:

And I had time to finish this:

And I LOVE it.  It's soft and warm and pretty.  And FINISHED!  And I can now move on to another project.

Hopefully, there will be school tomorrow.  I love snow days and having everyone home, but I am losing ground on getting the house back.  And I don't do well when I get derailed.

In other news, I was finally given the All Clear by the cardiologist.  My heart is completely fine.  I couldn't figure out where to insert that into this post, but felt it was noteworthy.

And, that about gets us caught up, I think.  Happy Snow Days!

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Gye Greene said...

Glad that your heart is OK.

Amazing to find a kid who will actually eat mushrooms!

Rock tumblers are good: they're on my "to get" list.