Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Week

It's Thursday now, and still no school.  School is closed tomorrow, too.  That's one whole week.  We could have taken a trip or something!  It's snowing outside now, and is supposed to again on Saturday.  And it's COLD.  Really really cold.  When I checked this morning, it was 0 degrees.  ZERO.  That's crazy.  

Daphne is worried about the animals, so we strung up some cheerios for the birds and sprinkled some peanuts in the yard for the squirrels.  A bluejay found the peanuts, but no takers on the cheerios so far.  These things take time, I guess.

That used up about 15 minutes of our morning.  Everyone is getting a little stir crazy.  Daphne is in the other room watching Free WIlly at the moment.  I don't feel bad about's really the first time we've turned on the TV this week.

There has been a lot of complaining about snow days on facebook.  All the moms of Leesburg are going nuts.  They need a break.  Then, yesterday, a local dad posted that everyone should stop complaining and go out to build snowmen with their kids because his kid died of cancer and he would cut off his arm to have a snow day with her.  So, that shut everyone up for a while.

But, I started to think about it, and here's the thing.  I am totally and sincerely sympathetic to this dad.  I cannot imagine anything more terrible than what he has gone through.  And I am also sick of all the complaining on facebook, but mostly because I don't like all the USUAL general complaining on facebook anyway.  Some people go on facebook ONLY to complain.  It's tiresome.  But I don't think anyone out there should feel the least bit guilty if their hearts sank just a little when Wayde called with the news that school would be closed today and tomorrow.  It is normal, and it is OK to want/need a break from your kids.  It doesn't mean you are a bad person or a bad parent if you don't spend every single second of your life killing yourself to create a Pinterest-worthy existence for your kids.  It's unrealistic.  It's impossible.  And I am betting that our kids could use a little break from us, too.  We've been in each other's faces for the last 6 days.

That's my two cents, anyway.   

At sewing class yesterday, Daphne finally finished her poof.  It turned out great, and she is really proud of it.

This morning, she put it in her teepee.

Then, she put on her Indian costume.  I like this picture (below).  It has a sort of Moonrise Kingdom-y feel to it.

This took up about another 15 minutes of our day.  Everyone needs the routine back.  Gonna go see if Willy is Free yet...

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Gye Greene said...

I am learning lots of things from your blog: I had to go Google "Astral Weeks" (never heard of it; listening to it right now on Y'allTube) and now I need to go find out what "Moonrise Kingdom" is. I'm guessing a band.