Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas (Day)

Early Christmas morning, I got up and had a few quiet minutes alone by the tree with my coffee.  During winter break, there are very few opportunities for quiet minutes, so I get them when I can.  Doug, our tree, is so pretty.  I will be sad to see him go.  Sitting by the tree with coffee is one of my favorite things about Christmas.

I also really love Me and Kev Gift Exchange Day, which I think was on Christmas Eve Eve this year.

Kev always picks out the best gifts.  I got some great new music to listen to, a drill (!), a new bottle cutter, and lots of things with birds on them and things made of wood, as well as some new clothes and gift cards and other nice things.  We usually do this after Daphne is asleep, but this year we let her play Santa.  Kinda fun.  But maybe next year we'll do it when she's asleep again.  A little less chaos.  But I am getting off the topic.  Back to Christmas Day.  ACTUAL Christmas Day.

After my quiet cup of coffee with Doug, we packed, had breakfast,  loaded up the car, and headed over the river and through the Poconos to Kev's Aunt Barbara's house in New Paltz, New York for Christmas dinner with Kev's family.  The drive was nice and quick.  No traffic, good weather, a well-behaved Peanut in the back seat.  Dinner was good, and there was some of Mimi's famous Christmas Day Trifle.  YES!  After dinner, we went to Hyde Park and opened gifts and played with cousins for the next few days.

We celebrated Kev's birthday with BBQ chicken wraps from Coco's and a Carvel ice cream cake.  Kev and I got to go see a great movie (Inside Llewyn Davis).  There was snow.  And lots of cookies.

Some prankster stole the "E" angel this year and replaced it with this pink gremlin-y thing.  I have no idea who would have done something like that!  Usually, the letters just get re-arranged

I managed to get in a little knitting time.

And I found a small bottle of THIS to hold me over until I get my delivery of two big ol' bottles from my friend Tracy from Queens.  She hooks me up with the Ronnybrook eggnog, and I give her Samoas at Girl Scout cookie time.  It's a good trade. This is the best eggnog ever.

We didn't take a lot of pictures, but Kev's dad did, and he has promised us a CD with copies of them.  It was a nice trip, and good to see everyone as always.  My niece and my nephews are awesome, and growing up WAY too fast.  The little ones are hilarious.  I miss those kids.

It's good to be back home, though.  Daphne went back to school this morning, and Kev went back to work.  It's quiet here.  There is a lot of cleaning up to do.  Piles of Christmas in every room, and decorations that need to be put away.  That will have to wait for another day, though.  Today is grocery store day.  And catch up on blogs and email day.  But maybe now, I'll get a cup of coffee and go sit with Doug for a few minutes.  I hope you all had a really great Christmas.  We had THREE!  I'm already looking forward to the next one.

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