Monday, January 27, 2014

Thank You, Wayde

You may not believe this, but Daphne is at SCHOOL!  We didn't get the call!  Kev just left for work, and I am ALL ALONE.  I am not quite sure what to do.  It's quiet.  It's weird.

The other day at Wegmans, a man had samples of challah bread and vanilla creme fraiche.  It was delicious, so we bought some.  I am not usually suckered into things by the sample guy, but this time, I couldn't stop myself.  Yesterday, we made it into french toast. With vanilla creme fraiche on top.   

And it was GOOD.

And last night, we had this:

Also good.  We even used the gravy boat.  I felt like such a grown-up eating this plate of food, except for the fact that my pile of mashed potatoes should probably have been about half that size.  But they were so good.  And warm.  And did I mention there was gravy?  Tomorrow, the left-over vegetables will become soup, which will be perfect since it's supposed to only be 20 degrees.  And Kev could probably make a really good sandwich with the leftover chicken.  And I'm sure I can find SOMEthing that needs to be topped with gravy.  

Lately, our weekends have been very food intensive for some reason.  It's working out well, though, because the left-overs are getting us through the beginning of the week without having to plan meals and rush off to Wegmans every Monday.  

Unrelated, we bought some luxurious bath towels.  They were not cheap.  But, I have to say, if you're going to spend money on something, towels are a good thing to spend it on.  These towels are amazing.  They make every day a little happier.  Seriously.  I told Kev that I want a whole suit made out of those towels for my birthday, but I think he thought I was joking.  When Daphne grows up and goes out on her own, my advice will be never cheap out on sheets, toilet paper, or towels.  She can be thrifty with other things.  Not those.  And also, she should always bring flip-flops when travelling because you never know how gross the shower floor will be.  I should probably start making a list somewhere of all these pearls of wisdom so I don't forget to tell her.  

Happy Monday!

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Gye Greene said...

List of pearls of wisdom: those are good ones. Never thought about the towels -- but: yep!

A running list sounds good: that's what hard drives are for. :)