Thursday, September 08, 2005

Animal News

Here is the latest from the AZA...A little bit of good news from the devestated aquarium, and really good news from the zoo, which only lost a couple of animals.

Hurricane Update
This is what we know about the status of AZA member institutions in the affected area as of 9:00am, 8 September 2005.
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The Audubon Nature Institute staff is aware that the AZA community has responded — and continues to respond — to this crisis in an overwhelming way and is extremely thankful. AZA is maintaining a list of offers of assistance by category. This will be a long-term effort and our colleagues at the Audubon Nature Institute appreciate all that has been offered.
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Unfortunately, without a fully functioning life support system, most of the fish in the collection were lost. But the good news is that the sea otters, penguins, leafy and weedy seadragons, macaws, raptors, an electric eel, and the white alligator are fine.
Midas, the infamous 250 lb. sea turtle, survived and has been coaxed into the holding area in the Gulf of Mexico Exhibit.
A change of staff has arrived. They continue to work on preparing to move the animals out of the facility.
Audubon Zoo The zoo has been resupplied with water, food for animals and humans, and fuel for generators. They are still in good spirits, albeit tired. A change of staff is on the way to give relief to the main Hurricane Team.

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Julie said...

I am so glad to hear about the animals!! I am very sad about the aquarium but glad to hear that many survived!! Yippee!! I wonder where they will all go?