Sunday, September 18, 2005


I have just consulted to check out the weather forecast for the upcoming week. Tomorrow, it is to be 99 degrees. That is simply unacceptable. The fair is coming! It must cool down! I really can't take it anymore. I want to wear my sweaters and boots. I want to go outside during the day.

Last night after Kev's soccer game, we forced ourselves to go to Oktoberfest in spite of the heat. When we got there, we headed immediately to the giant fan with the misters. It was hot and crowded.
Things improved when the sun went down and we got something to eat and drink. I had a brat. Kev had weiner schnitzel, which is some kind of fried pork cutlet on a bun. We had to sit on the grass because no-one would share their chairs. It was OK, but I was worried a cricket would get on me the whole time. Kev said crickets need to have fun too. But I disagree. Kev also had a giant beer. This year they had Paulaner instead of Lowenbrau, so that was good.

After "dinner" we headed over to Helmut's to get some strudel. Now let me tell you, this was some good stuff, but it nearly killed me. It must have been made out of something that immediately expands when it gets to your stomach. But it was delicious, way better than funnel cake. You can see from the photo that Helmut's strudel is very popular. Everyone has to have some. Don't you love the name "Helmut"? It is so funny.

The moon was full, and the Oktoberfest people used that as an excuse to have a yodelling contest. I was sad because I cannot yodel. Some of you may remember the day I tried it in my car, but failed miserably. There was only one guy at Oktoberfest who could yodel all that well, so that made me feel better. I clapped really loud for him, and he won the contest, but he didn't get a prize or anything.
Then it was time to go but we had six tickets left so we used five to buy some cinnamon roasted pecans. They were hot and fresh, in fact so hot that the nut lady couldn't seal the bag, so we ate them. What else could we do? Well, that was it for me. I probably got dangerously close to just exploding. We gave our last ticket to a little kid with a sword, and that is when we saw the FUN SLIDE! Well, we had no more tickets, so I didn't get to go on the Fun Slide. Frankly, I think it might have killed me anyway, after the strudel and all those pecans.
So, we made the long painful walk back to the car and drove home full of unhealthy German treats and when we got home, our obnoxious neighbor was playing his electric guitar at full volume accompanied by a Rush CD. Thankfully we arrived just as the show was ending, and the rest of the evening was peaceful. Today I am going to sit in my chair a lot. Hope you all had a nice weekend, and if it nice and cool and autumny where you live, then consider yourself lucky and don't tell me about it.

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