Sunday, September 11, 2005

Faking It

On Friday, Kev and I went to Spain. Actually, we didn't go to Spain at all. But we DID go to Cafe Madrid, which is sort of like going to Spain only much cheaper and there is no having to fly on planes or carry luggage all over creation. At Cafe Madrid, our nice waiter, Jorge (hor-hay), brought us delicious tapas. My favorites were the shrimp in garlic and the goat cheese with honey, Kev like the meatballs in almond sauce. It would be great if tapas caught on over here, it is a really fun way to have a mild dining adventure.
Saturday for the first time since about May, I went outside to take a morning walk. It was early, so it was delightfully cool, and I saw some old friends like Sam the boxer, and the bluejays and grackles and other birds. It made me so happy to be able to go outside.
This morning, we went to the lake for a walk, and I saw egrets and parakeets and ducks and geese and a giant turtle, and a new bird which I think was a Wilson's warbler. It is migration, so you never know what you might find if you pay attention. Most of the people at the lake today were concentrating too hard on their jogging to pay attention to anything. They are missing out, I tell you what. When we got home, Kev made a Spanish Omelet, and we listened to Segovia, and Classical Loon.
So the whole weekend was like a sort of fake vacation.

And it's a good thing, too, because then I had to go get my parents from the airport and hear all about their cruise vacation without being too jealous, which wouldn't have been easy if our weekend had sucked.

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Gye Greene said...

Sam the boxer: Dog, or a guy?

I picture an older man, 60-70 y.o., with a day's worth of white stubble, in sweatpants and a sweat-stained t-shirt, hitting an old worn punching bag hanging from the eaves of his front porch. When he sees you walk by, he calls out ''Morning, miss!'', between punches.

Joggers not paying attn: I have never seen a jogger that looked like she/he was having fun. ;)

(Harry Potter says ''cxeuxlmo''!)