Thursday, September 01, 2005


August is over, and thank God for that. I know it is still 100 degrees and red-level polluted, but the psychological difference between August and September is huge. Just the word "August" sounds hot. "September" on the other hand is a cool, crisp word. September promises falling temperatures and the beginning of the State Fair and migrating birds and the happy day I can finally make blackberry cobbler. September is good. In anticipation of fall, the new leaves on our Japanese Maple are a lovely shade of burgundy. And the very best thing about September is that it is almost October.


john clarke said...

All hail September, if it only brings psychological relief. In truth, September is usually as hot as August, which sucks. I'd prefer to skip right to October when the weather starts smelling like football and the State Fair start smelling like fried cheesecake.

whitneydonkey said...

OCTOBER is my favorite month of the year.

I love the state fair, all things pumpkin, and candles.
and sweaters too.

mom said they had awesome mahimahi fish tacos last year at the desperado's booth.