Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Long Weekend is Over

The long weekend is over, and I pretty much did what I said I was gonna do: mostly a whole lotta nothing. I have almost finished "A Long Way Down," the new Nick Hornby that I got for my birthday. And we went to see Broken Flowers at the Magnolia (GREAT movie...Bill Murray is genius), and yesterday we went over to our friends' Ken and Heather's house for breakfast tacos. Hanging out with my friends made me realize how much I miss hanging out with my friends...it is getting harder and harder because everyone is so busy or has moved far away. I found out from Ken that the Old 97s are in that new movie with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn that is coming soon, so now I am going to have to go see it. It should be pretty OK in spite of Jen A., because Vince Vaughn is cool enough to cancel her out. Ken said the bast part of being in the movie was that he got to hang out with the guy who played Ralphie in the Christmas Story movie. He also gave us a copy of the new Old 97s Live CD, and it is great, so go buy it and support a cool band if you like good stuff.

My parents are on a cruise vacation this week. Today they are going to Puerto Rico. I am happy for them because they really need a vacation, but part of me, a very small selfish bratty part of me, is jealous as all get out because they are at sea and I am in hot hot Texas absorbing sad news report after sad news report and trying not to get defeated. It ain't easy, is it? Not too many things are more heart-breaking to watch than a now homeless little kid having his dog taken away from him.

Well, I will try not to let the LRHS become too gloomy. There is plenty of GOOD news out there, so I will try to bring you some as I hear it: Well, I'll be damned, just as I typed that, my brother called with some good news, so here it is:

A guy from his (my brother's) office had several (like 17) in-laws (who were evacuees) at his house who had managed to get out, but there was a brother-in-law still missing and they thought the worst. But it turns out he called them last night and he is alive because he swam over to Fats Domino's house, and Fats Domino let him stay there and they got rescued. He said when he got to Fats Domino's house and told him about what he had been through, Fats Domino started to sing Ain't that a Shame. This is a true story. I saw the email from my brother's co-worker. So on that happy note, I am going to Central Market.


Julie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I agree with the news- I can't even watch it- glad to hear about the Old 97s but what have you got against Jen A?

Gye Greene said...

Ahhh, Jen. A. isn't bad... ;)

(As an actress; I don't consider her ''hot'' or anything; just regular.)

Nice to know that Fats Domino rocks the Casbah. :)