Thursday, September 15, 2005

State Fair Fun Fact

Some of you may not know that in 1956, Elvis Presley played at the great State Fair of Texas. This is the ad that appeared in the paper for the show. Look, even Big Tex is going to the Elvis show.

This year, there will be an American Music exhibit in the Hall of State featuring Elvis memorabilia and a tribute to Texas blues musicians and some other music-related stuff. I think it will be really good, and somewhat more uplifting than last year's Holocaust exhibit, which was fantastic, but didn't exactly put you in the mood for a corn-dog and a ride on the Texas Star.

I am a little concerned, as it is only 15 days until the State Fair opens, and the Metroplex is showing no signs of stopping being hot. I know I wore a jacket to the Fair last year.

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Julie said...

Blues sounds cool!! I hope they feature some New Orleans players!

SA-Eric said...

I love the state fair!

SA-Eric said...

I love the state fair!

Robert_M said...

I like th eold school aspect of the state fair, heck I even like to listen to Bob Wills on the ride over