Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Cheap and Transparant Attempt to Get More Comments


Question of the day for Wednesday:

Name your top 5 best rock/live music shows, and worst 5 too!


Um...wait a minute, this is hard. Gotta think about this for a while...



  1. Saxon/Armoured Saint at the Arcadia
  2. Nine Inch Nails at the Arcadia (opened for Peter Murphy...I stayed in the lobby).
  3. Debbie Harry at some band, basically a karaoke show, very wheels-off
  4. The Who at Reunion a few years ago...shockingly bad, after seeing them live before at the Cotton Bowl and thinking it was amazing. A big disappointment.
  5. The Texxas Jam the year it had the weird line-up of Ziggy Marley, INXS, and Guns -n- Roses...was that a Texxas Jam, or just a Fest of some kind? It was awful.



  1. Charlie Haden at the Blue Note, New York City, the night we got engaged.
  2. Doc Watson at Bass Hall, Fort Worth
  3. Echo and the Bunnymen, Bronco Bowl
  4. KISS with make-up at Reunion...HUGE fun-factor
  5. Prince at AAC last year
  6. And all the good people I have seen at the old Poor David's Pub, including Lloyd Cole, John Wesley Harding, and Tab Benoit.

And an addition to the WORST list: Ringo Starr's All Stars in some field over off LBJ somewhere. I felt I had to go. He was a Beatle after all.

I reckon if I was asked the same question tomorrow, you'd get a completely different list.


SA-Eric said...

Best I put 6 on here. All small venues.

White Trash at Dallas City Limits
Cowboy Mouth in San Antonio
Marc Broussard at La Hacienda in El Paso
Sammy Haggar at Hard Rock Dallas
Old 97's in Greune Hall
Pat Green in El Paso - before someone put something in my drink

Iron Maiden at Bronco Bowl
Dio at Reunion
Most anything at Starplex

Hmmm, this is harder. Crappy concerts do not stay in my memory.

Robert_M said...


And you break my balls over Saxon's inclusion in my junior high lifestyle collage?!?!?!

I just liked the picture of a knight on his steed, I stopped short of actually going to see them.

All this Saxon grief has been a classic case of projection.

Robert_M said...


R.E.M. life's rich pageant Palmer Austin

Guadal canal diary at Poor David's touring for the first record with Tupelo Chain sex

Husker Du at Trees

Del Fuegos at Trees

Dead Kennedys and Circle Jerks and more at the Twilight room

Replacements at Liberty lunch


Depeche mode at the Erwin center in Austin

Wonder Stuff at Liberty lunch

Ministry in south Austin don't recall the venue

The the at Liberty lunch * I should explain this one, it wasn't bad, in fact it was quite good. It was the first time I'd seen Johnny Marr in concert and he was in his I don't need to play guitar phase, so the evening was frustrating.

Pretty much any drum solo would have to make the list, second only to bass solos.

john clarke said...


Trash Can Sinatras at Gypsy Tea Room

Psychedelic Furs at Gypsy

Primal Scream at Deep Ellum Live

The Damned at Deep Ellum Live

Radney Foster at Poor David's Pub


Steppenwolf and The Guess Who at the Bronco Bowl (won tickets for a show that had no original members)

.38 Special and Golden Earring at Reunion Arena

Foreigner and Mr. Mister at Reunion

A random bunch of bad folk singers (except Vic Chestnut) show at the Cactus Club in Austin that Rob and I ruined by laughing during the entire show.

R.E.M. on Life's Rich Pageant tour at the Fair Park Band Shell (was so excited for this show, but could see anything because the venue is horrible and the sound was bad.)

Tara said...

I loved the bandshell REM show...We sat on the edge of the stage and you could see/hear great from there. That was back when I would make an effort to get up close.

john clarke said...

I'm sure my opinion of the band shell show would have changed had I been one of the 25 people hugging the stage who could actually see the show.

Down with the band shell. I think it's already down though. Isn't it Starplex now?

SA-Eric said...

The band shell is still there. They use it for falconry shows during the state fair.

Tara said...

The bird show at the fair is my favorite event of the year. And it's just around the corner!

Gye Greene said...


-Weird Al Yancovic "Running with Scissors" tour (IIRC)
-They Might Be Giants (Presidents of the United States opened for them; also good!)
-Bell (saw many times; local Seattle band that went "poof" after a few years)
-Idiot Flesh (a weird San Francisco band; big weird show in a small small venue)
-Dan Bern (first time I saw him, when he opened for Ani DiFranco; go see him! Folk singer, yeah, but with super-witty lyrics and catchy tunes; many songs about baseball)
-Mah Jong (quasi-funk nerd band from Seattle; witty lyrics, catchy tunes, one album; evaporated after a few years)


-Ramones (horrible sound, all songs sounded alike; more acutely dissapointing 'cause of my expectations)
-Everclear (loved the Sparkle & Fade album, but their performance was uninpiring)
-Misc. aspiring Seattle bands that tried to sound like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, or Soundgarden -- but had no tunefulness or originality.


whitneydonkey said...

my spelling might be off but forgive me.
best- black crowes at dallas city limits, their first tour--met johnny colt that night
world party and jellyfish at arcadia, loved it!
rem at said bandshell, got in trouble for climbing stage
todd rundgren at majestic
bryan ferry in ft worth
kiss in ft worth

worst-king diamond horrible devil guy, very disturbing
iron maiden-took eric and friends and i got very tired.
i can't remember the bad either, but i did get invited backstage at the armored saint saxon show. armored saint drummer pointed at me and some guy pulled me over the rail. classic!

blogalicious said...


I also saw the Echo & the Bunnymen show at the Bronco was great.

In addition I also saw the Dead Kennedy, Circle Jerk show.

Stay Cats Dallas Convention Center

Little Grizzly - everytime I saw them, best and saddest was the last show at Rubber Gloves.

PiL at Arcadia


Styx - Mr. Roboto Tour, Texxas Jam

The Cars - Reunion Arena..they sucked.

I'm sure there's more, beer overcomes a lot of bad music