Saturday, August 27, 2005


A quick blog from Hyde Park...felt I should write since it is the first anniversary of starting this blog. I have lots of photos and Tales of Mild Adventure to blog blogs about when I get home tomorrow, but for now, here is a blog about a good sandwich I had the other day, dedicated to Kev, who is in favor of revolutionary sandwiches, and who brought me on this nice and much-needed vacation:

Since the Hudson Valley is home to the Culinary Institute of America, there are lots of good chefs in the area. On Wednesday, we ate at a cafe in New Paltz, home of many many people who wear tie-dye and smoke various things and protest whatever they can and so forth. It is kinda like Denton, for those of you who know Denton, but more quaint. Anyway, at this cafe there is a chef from the CIA, and he prepared for me a delicious grilled brie sandwich with blueberries and almonds. Unexpected combo, huh? Very messy, but very tasty. I will try to recreate it at home someday.

Anyway, I look forward to catching up on my blog reading when I get back, and to sitting in my chair, and to September which is coming soon. But I will miss the people and dogs and cats and trees and mountains and birds and stars and lovely cool evenings of the Hudson Valley. And the sandwiches.


marty said...

happy anniversary....thanks for all the joy u spread... I wish an owl call for your future

Tara said...

Thanks, Marty. Someday my owl will come...

Gye Greene said...

Hmm -- a cooking institute named the C.I.A. That's rather unfortunate:

"Here, El Presidente -- a sandwich! For you! Made by the C.I.A.!"