Thursday, August 04, 2005

Question for Friday

Who would you most like to see perform that you have never seen?

Living: Van Morrison, Paul Weller

Dead: John Lee Hooker, George Harrison, Miles Davis, the whole Buena Vista Social Club, Hank Williams...I could go on and on...

I will try to think of a new theme for future questions of the day.


Gye Greene said...

Devo (still around, kinda)

Niranva (on my "to see" list, but didn't get around to it...)

Jill Sobule (the "I Kissed a Girl" lady; many good albums)

Laptop (obscure NY semi-Gary Newman/industrial guy with sardonic lyrics)

Buddy Holly (I'd take him over Hendrix every day -- for songwriting and arranging chops)


clew said...

BB King. He used to play a little venue in my town all the time when I was in college for like 6 bucks a head. Now it costs a fortune to go see him, or anyone else for that matter.

whitneydonkey said...

annie lennox, simply red, paul weller, van morrison, bryan ferry, old 97's, tears for fears, world party, robert plant and rolling stones all small clubs only

dead-crowded house, beatles, elvis,elliot smith

Robert_M said...

Robert Johnson
John Lennon
Bob Wills
Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Young cool Elvis

I could go on and on.

alive? meh...I'm tired of everything

john clarke said...

Dead: John Lennon, Patsy Cline, Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, James Marshall Hendrix and G.G. Allin.

Bands that I'd like to see that have dead members which prevent them from performing: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Clash, Bob Marley and the Wailers and the Mentors.

Bands that I'd like to see that have a full complement of live members but are broken up and don't tour: Talk Talk (who I'd like to see more than anybody on this list) The Close Lobsters, The Chameleons and December.

Live solo acts I'd like to see: John Hiatt, Paul Weller and Steve Reynolds, formerly of Speed Queen.

Tara said...

Talk Talk! YES!

But you could not pay me to go see GG Allen. Well, maybe I'd do it for the 40 grand I need for Antarctica. But I would sit in the way way back and bring ear plugs and keep my eyes closed most of the time.

john clarke said...

The last band in each paragraph of my list is a joke. I really don't care to see them, except for G.G., maybe, especially if he stabbed himself on stage during the performance.

And Rob is the only person I know who's seen Talk Talk. He saw them in 1986 on their last tour ever, for the Colour of Spring. They opened up for the Psychedelic Furs. I regret not seeing this show. I didn't know how cool Talk Talk was back then.

Too bad Talk Talk was done touring by the time they did their masterpiece, The Spirit of Eden.

blogalicious said...

I've seen just about everyone I wanted to see. Maybe not at their peak but that's another issue.

Regrets…in a 10 day period in 85 I saw The Kinks, U2 and ZZ Top. Not a bad line up, but I skipped out on seeing The Police. I figured I would catch them the next time around. How stupid does the ZZ choice look in hindsight.

Cheated…The Who toured across the US in 82 with The Clash as the opening band, everywhere but Dallas and Houston. Luck us in Texas, we were treated to Billy Squire. I was screwed.