Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Call Me Crazy...

...but Tommy Lee Goes to College is my new favorite show. I was cracking up watching it. So stupid, yet so genius. I sure hope Tommy Lee doesn't flunk outta the marching band drum-line.

Shout out to Francine, who is in town from Austin, and is planning to go to lunch at Antone's tomorrow. We WILL save Antone's, one lunch at a time.

My mom says it is worth the money to have good pants. She is going to try to help me find some on Thursday.

Kev says that even though he has no background in film, he could make a better movie than The Cave. I think he is right. I saw the commercial tonight and it looks really stupid.

Yesterday a catering truck came to sell lunch to the guys who are working on the new McMansion across the street. It was like the ice-cream man's truck, but without the scary music. Question: Am I allowed to go over there and buy some lunch from the catering truck? I was thinking they might have good tamales.


Robert_M said...

I think anyone with money is welcome

Julie said...

Sure- Put on a hard hat and blend in- :)

whitneydonkey said...

Bryce and i used to buy from it when we were playing in the construction when they were building your parents first Garland house.