Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Getting a Jumpstart on Thursday...

Question of the day:

In keeping with the theme, what was your first concert?

Mine was the Police, Reunion Arena, Ghost in the Machine tour. I was in 7th grade. My dad took me and 4 of my friends. We all bought the baseball-jersey concert t-shirt to wear to school the next day so people would think we were cool. It was great, and I think even my dad liked it. He was fascinated and probably puzzled by some of the fashion statements being made at the show. Later, my mom took some of us to see Journey. There was a lot of cursing by Bryan Adams, who opened the show, and it was kind of awkward, but fun. I think it was probably too loud for my mom, but she was a good sport about it.


K. said...

First concert was Rush, and it was kick ass. There, I said it.

Despite the art-rock factor, they were a great live band back in the day. My dad took me and a friend after a physics field trip in NYC; I think we were in the 9th grade. He was the only person in the audience wearing a 3-piece suit. And he had almost as much fun as we did.

Besides this, some of the best concerts I've seen include:

1. Charlie Haden at the Blue Note
2. Dennis Koster (classical guitarist) at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
3. Shostakovich concert at above music hall
4. Carolyn Wonderland & The Imperial Monkeys at some beer garden in Houston
5. Buddy Guy in NY. I got there late and they were sold out, so I stood outside in the snow with the janitors. During the encore, he came outside with his wireless strat and played just for us. It was great.
6. The Ugly Americans at the Fabulous Satellite Lounge in Houston
7. Little Charlie & the Nightcats in Chicago
8. Squirrel Nut Zippers in Houston
9. Kurt Elling at some local college
10. Doc Watson at Bass Hall
11. The Kinks at the Fieldhouse in Troy, NY
12. Tab Benoit at the Outpost bar in Houston
13. Buena Vista Social Club at SMU
14. Rory Block at Uncle Clavin's Coffee House
15. Roomful of Blues at the Mucky Duck in Houston
16. Clandestine at above bar
17. Asylum Street Spankers at Poor David's

As far as bad concerts...mostly singer-sonwriters and lame arena rock.


Immortal Beloved said...

My first concert was The Everly Brothers. My dad and mom took me when I was a little girl. Of course by then they (The Everly Brothers) were aged a bit.

SA-Eric said...

My first concert was that same Journey concert. Super Steve dropped us off. I sat with Mom and watched Whitney with binoculars seeing if she was yelling 'bullshit' as instructed by Bryan Adams.

Robert_M said...

I honestly don't remember. I think it was a Texas Jam with Journey Point blank, Santana, Joan Jett, and Sammy Hagar.

I'm pretty sure it was terrible, but at the time I thought it was the shit.

john clarke said...

I'm also having trouble remembering my first show. Like Rob, it could have been a Texxas Jam. But I can't remember if I had a driver's license when I went to one of those. Nevertheless, the hellish Texxas Jam should have swore me off the outdoor music festival setting forever.

But I know I didn't have a driver's license when I saw ZZ Top in 1982 at Reunion Arena. So I'll say that was my first real show. I was 15 and went with a bunch of co-workers, including Margaret who's still my friend. Albert Collins opened up. I had no idea at the time that Albert Collins was the superior performer.

That experience was much like the scene in Ghost World where Seymore meets some girl at a bar where's he's gone to see a Delta Blues legend open up for "Blues Hammer."

"I just LOVE Blues Hammer."

"Yeah. Um, they're pretty good."

I was the girl in that situation at the ZZ Top show.

By the way K. I saw Rush twice, post driver's license, and they were pretty kick ass.

Gye Greene said...

Petra (Christian hard rock band), on their "Beat the System" tour. Maybe 10th grade. A friend invited me. Didn't know who they were, but the tickets were cheap. Good stuff! Saw a guy use effects pedals for the first time!

Ended up buying all their albums. (First alb was cheezy, and their later albums were with a new singer/songwriter, so... But the rest are good. Catchy stuff.)

Didn't go to another concert until mid-college... Then, lotsa bar/club bands in Seattle, about twice a month, with my cousin and my roommate.

SA-Eric said...

Gye gets me thinging. I remember one of the Texxas Jams where Boston played. I have never seen so many effects pedals to this day.

Other highlights of the event were the paper cup fight that looked like an insect swarm and wasted guy climbing on the sound tower in the middle of the cotton bowl and dropping his pants.

clew said...

I think it was the Scorpions and Quiet Riot. It was outside at the end of summer and it was hotter than sh*t.

I like your blog :) - can you tell?

whitneydonkey said...

FIRST CONCERT, JOAN JETT AT SIX FLAGS. then there were a million more after that. i would still go now to everything, if A. I had the money. 2.the kids were big enough to take them.

at DuranDuran we looked up to the ceiling to see if the water was going to come down, like in the Reflex video! very fun!

blogalicious said...

My parents took me to tons of concerts; BeeGees, Johnny Cash, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Elton John, George Jones & Tammy W.....

First concert on my own was The Who in 82. My best friend Joe and I went with the girl that ran the neighborhood record store, Hot Rocks.

Fist non-arena show was The Exploited at the Theater Gallery. I was scared.