Saturday, August 06, 2005

Clean Freak

I have started carrying around a small plastic bottle of hand sanitizing gel in my car for when I handle money or shopping carts or when I touch things at gas stations. I can see myself easily becoming a germaphobe. I don't know if the gel actually does any good, but it makes me feel better. That's what counts, right?


Gye Greene said...

Maybe you could bring back the "wearing white cotton gloves when you go into town" look. My mom said she remembered going out with her aunt like that, when she was a kid.

Or, just wear latex gloves. But the white gloves could pass for retro-cool, whereas the latex gloves might just seem Michael Jackson.

Unless you wear welding goggles with them. Then it would be Devo. ;)


Julie said...

T- I too have some gel in my car for the gas station. I hate to have that gas smell on my hands after i fill up- they have cute little bottles with handles on them you can hook on your turn signal.