Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Really Think So

I'd be willing to put money on Turning Japanese as the song in heaviest rotation on Sirius First Wave. It was played in the first 15 minutes after turning it on today. That's not unusual. Whip.

They play Suedehead a lot too, but I like that one.


Robert_M said...

I don't mind that one, but I don't have to hear it all the time.

john clarke said...

Suedehead is so great. I remember when Viva Hate came out, Rob had a Viva Hate flag or some such hanging in his room on Harriet Court.

I also remember the Suedehead video in which showed Morrissey visting James Dean's hometown --- some farm town in the middle of nowhere. Morrissey was all desperate to be James Dean back then, and probably still is. But what I remember most from the video was Morrissey sitting on a farm tractor and looking all uncomfortable. Then the tractor jolts to life and moves, catching the king of mope totally off guard. The look on his face is one of astonishment.