Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now YOU Sing!

What is it about the psychology of people that makes them love the audience participation part of rock shows? Especially when it becomes a competition between the right and left sides of the arena, or the floor people versus the balcony people. "I KNOW you people in section 121 can ROCK HARDER than the people in section 122!" I guess it is the same thing that makes people want to do the wave or the YMCA hand gestures at baseball games. Maybe I'm just no fun, but I hate that stuff. At live music events, I'd so much rather just sit down and listen, rather than rush the stage or stand up on my chair like I did in my suddenly very distant-seeming youth. At ball games, I just want to watch the game. I don't mind the between-innings stuff...the kids like it, and it keeps them from getting totally bored. But if I miss an exciting play because it coincides with my section's turn in the wave, I'm not gonna be happy. The old is creeping in...

PS I am also whipped by the drum/guitar/bass solo.


Robert_M said...

I always hated audience participation. I mean what is this rocky horror? you're the rocker, so rock already.

Gye Greene said...

It's part of the whole bonding experience. "You know, you're the best audience we've had this tour. I really mean that!"