Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happy Birthday!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to wish a

Happy Birthday to Tara!

and to also congratulate her on the one-year blogaversary of The Lazy Russian Horses Show this month.

Now everybody sing along:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Miss Tara
Happy birthday to you
And many mo000re!

Love ya, darlin'.

Now back to our show...



Tara said...

Thanks, Kev! You are my favorite husband and guest blogger. Love you, too. T.

marty said...

Happy b-day Tara!!!! May it be a day of blackberry cobler and Classical Loon, on a cool summer day you deserve it.

Robert_M said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Yay! Any plans?

john clarke said...

I bid you a very pleasant birthday Mrs. Tara Holt.

SA-Eric said...

Happy Birthday!!

Frannie said...

Happy Birthday!

Word is that you could use some new cookie sheets for your birthday. I hope you get some and make delicious cookies.

Larry's Friend Francine

whitneydonkey said...

what a beautiful picture! good job Kev.