Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dream Job Revisited

After more thought, I have some additional dream job candidates:
  • Penguin photographer
  • Safety Dictator
  • Coffee taster
  • Owner of a nice shop that smells good, plays quiet good music, and sells nice affordable things that people will like. There will be coffee samples and cookies for customers, and I will have a comfortable register chair and a dog that sits next to me.
  • Travel blogger

Biggest whip job for me would probably be working at guitar center.

What is YOUR dream job / whip job? Let me hear from you!


Robert_M said...

Dream job would be the fake Rick Steves, Phil Marlowe, or Paul Theroux.

Whip job is pretty much anything corporate.

Robert_M said...

oh and selling crack at the high school

whitneydonkey said...

dream job-travel show, where i eat and travel with rock stars
whip job-like rob said, anything corporate panty hose and backstabbers, yuck.