Thursday, August 11, 2005

T's Big Day

Well, as you have probably figured out from Kev's really nice guest-blog below, it is my birthday. I have to tell you I have been really dreading this whole 37 thing, but if the first couple hours of it are any indication, it's gonna be a good year. Thanks for all the nice phone calls and emails and blogs and comments. My friends and family are cool, and I appreciate you all very much.
Since it is my birthday, and I managed to not have to go to work today, I am going to do fun stuff all day. First I am going to get some happy feet at the pedicure place, and hope I don't get some kind of infection from the whilrpools that people keep warning me about. Happy Feet are worth the risk I think. I am also going to go have lunch with my brother, who was nice enough to call this morning and invite me. (BTW, new LarryFeathers blog is up). In the afternoon, I might go shopping and get a new purse because mine is falling apart. Kev gave me a gift card to that cool place where you go make stuff, so I might go by there and check it out and sign up for a class. I might just even take a nap. And tonight we are going to dinner at Nero's, which is always a huge treat. Fabulous food, exceptional service. So I am going to stop moping about being old and start having fun now. Thanks again for all the nice thoughts.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday!! I sang with Ks blog. I am sure you could hear me from there- Happy feet are fun feet! No worries on your birthday! Let me know what class your going to sign up for- maybe I will take it with you! You ROCK!!

blogalicious said...

I like you.
Happy Birthday.

Tall Guy said...

"Happy Birthday" as well!

According to , you share your birthday with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, "The Woz" (Steve Qozniak, of Apple Computers fame), Alex Haley (the "Roots" guy, I presume), and the Rev. Jerry Fallwell. An interesting mix!


darlene said...

Happy Birthday Tara!
Ryan did a nice birthday dance in your honor today. Hope you had a great day. Happy feet and a nice dinner sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.
One week and counting...

Gye Greene said...

To follow-up on TG's comment: More famous birthdays at

Tara (Aug. 11th) also includes:

-Dik Browne (cartoonist for Hi & Lois, Hagar the Horrible)
-Mike Douglas (that talk show host guy)
-Mike Huggs (the drummer for Manfred mann)
-Denis Payton (from the Dave Clarke Five)
-James Kale (from The Guess Who)
-Marilyn Vos Savant (that genius IQ lady/columnist)
-Jeff Hanna (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
-Don Boyd (the director of "Goldeneye")
-Ian Charleson (actor, "Chariots of Fire")
-Erik Braunn (guitarist from Iron Butterfly)
-Joe Jackson (musician)
-Richie Ramone (drummer for The Ramones)
-Julie Anne Clark (Playboy playmante)
-Natasha Bell (Miss Michigan USA for 1996)

-Chris Kelly [AKA Mack Daddy] (rapper)

An interesting mix!!! ;)

Plus a fair number of classical-type composers I've never heard of, and some guy that plays cricket.