Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello 37!

I have decided 37 is really not so bad. I sure did have a great birthday, with lots of nice messages from people I like, including a medley of Foreigner songs with the lyrics tricked up birthday-style which was left on our answering machine last night by my friend Shannon. I am listening to some new CDs that Kev gave me (two Band of Bees and a Robert Cray). I have new books to read and new kitchen gadgets to try, including the garlic peeling tube I blogged a blog about last month. Dinner at Nero's was great - Chicken Saltimboca and tiramisu and the usual great service from Tom, possibly the best waiter in Dallas. Met up with Julie and friends after dinner which was fun. I've got vacation coming up, September's nearly here, and I feel a groove coming on.

You may have noticed that there is a picture of a chair on this post. That is my birthday chair - a gift from Kev. The great thing is, not only is it a fabulous and perfectly Tara-style chair, but it also represents something I have wanted for a long time: my own little spot in the house. Now I have a spot where I can sit and read and drink coffee and relax. This morning, I bought my spot some cheerful orange gerbera daisies. In a little while, I am going to sit there and read the Friday newspaper and do the crossword. At the moment, the view isn't great...Good Neighbor Ron's car-port and some weeds. But I am going to fix that by putting a new bird feeder outside the window and maybe some sort of low-maintenace plant. And I think I also may hang some pictures on the wall behind the chair. I love my chair. I am going to go sit there now.


Julie said...

I am soooo glad you had a great day and your spot looks cozy! I am glad you and Kevin came out to therapy last night- that was a treat. I am sad you didn't get to hear the spanish guitarist. Oh well, there will be other nights.

Horseheadfairy said...

Happy Day again!thanks for giving me a shout out in your blog. I was thinking of foreigner songs all night after I hung up the phone. I forgot to sing "I wanna know what love is"
I'm jealousse (french spelling) that I don't get to come to "therapy" with you, and Julie. I'm sure it's very good for the soul.

Horseheadfairy said...

ps I know that not really the french spelling of jealous.

whitneydonkey said...

I love your pretty chair.
I am glad you had a great birthday!

Tall Guy said...

Very nice! Congratulations again, as well!

Regarding the view: Perhaps some lovely windchimes?

Where in the house is this chair, in relation to the turtle stool? And does Kevin have his own chair? ;)


Tall Guy said...

Oh: If you could, could you "blog" the answers separately? I doubt I'll remember to check back in the Comments section for your responses. :)