Friday, July 29, 2005

Another Quick Bryce-ism

Perhaps it isn't fair to come on here and make fun of Bryce, since he doesn't read this and cannot defend himself. But I am in the middle of holding my latest grudge because he didn't call me when he came in town, even though Kev and I went way out of our way to visit him in NYC on the coldest day of the year last Christmas. Anyway, everyone knows I am a big Bryce fan even though he makes me mad. And he's made fun of me plenty.

So when we were visiting him, he asked if we had any vacation plans for the upcoming year. We said not really. He then advised us that whatever we did, we should not to go to Shangri-La., OK. We finally figured out he was talking about Sri was a couple days after the tsunami. You gotta love the Bryce.

1 comment:

Julie said...

HAHA- I have a friend in "shangri la" right now!