Monday, July 18, 2005

Dork Article

Here (click above) is an article about how it is cool to be a dork. If only Napolean Dynamite had been around when I was in High School...

I'm making myself a Proud to be Square t-shirt with the squippie symbol on it. I will wear it next time I have to go to the evil Guitar Center. Kev will be mortified. He reckons it's bad enough when I wear my Mr Rogers "You are Special" shirt in public.


whitneydonkey said...

you are usually my trend setter, music etc. dang, now that dorky is back in, i will have to get ready for it. i so much liked rock and roll better.

i HATE going to guitar center.
i don't know if i dislike the workers or the shoppers more.
(not kev or bob of course)

K. said...

The T-shirt can say, "Its Hip to Be Squip".

And yes, this would be an effective method of preventing further Guitar Center hijackings.


Tara said...

Yes, guitar center is a very bad place. I'm sure most shoppers like Kev and Bob are OK, but there are always a few in there who want to show off that they can play "Eruption" or something by Yngwie Malmsteen at top volume, so you have to listen to that on top of the over-loud piped in music. It is not a fun place to go.

Julie said...

I have been in the guitar center a couple times to buy strings and didn't hate it- you just have to walk in there like you own the place. :) I guess I was on a Chick-Fila buzz too- that probably helped. :)