Tuesday, July 12, 2005

At Sea

This is a picture I took last year during my cruise vacation. It is one of those pictures that is really pretty, but looks like something you'd find on a plaque at Hallmark with some corny poetry or maybe a Bible verse inscribed on it. The thing is, before I went on the cruise, I would see those Hallmark pictures and think, "That's not real." Sometimes, Kev will catch me going back out there. I will have my eyes closed, and he'll say, "You're at sea, aren't you?" And he will be right. "At Sea" is my current default happy place, and I go there when I am stressed, or lately, when I am hot. It is not hot at sea. It is delightfully cool. And it smells good. And it doesn't have red level air pollution days.

It does have hurricanes though, which is why I will never become a mariner. Posted by Picasa


marty said...

Very Wordsworthian

Tall Guy said...

You should be proud: It's impressive that you took a "Hallmark-worthy" photograph.

Did you use any Photoshop-ish digital enhancement on the photo? If not, then doubly impressive! :)


john clarke said...

Sunsets are one of the best things about cruises. The cruise lines try to sell you on the pool, the buffet line and the crazy nightlife on their ships. But really, the best thing about the experience is just being out on the ocean, enjoying the blue water and watching amazing sunsets. I watched them every night and was surprised that more people didn't join me.

ThatWomanInNewAlbany said...

Excellent, Tara. You are a very, very good photographer. I loved that cruise!!