Saturday, July 23, 2005

Extra Cheese

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Here is a photo from our recent recording session featuring Julie and Kim as the PPHPHB back-up singers. The question has come up regarding what to call them. Some early suggestions included: The Pantsettes, The Panties, The Skivvies. Please feel free to help us name our back-up group.
By the way, they were GREAT!


Gye Greene said...

The Capris. (sp?) Because they're like real pants, only smaller.

BTW -- why "The Lazy Russian Horses Show"?


Julie said...

Good Point- I still like skivvies- however upon further thought how about Robes- as we are talking about the casual wear around the house???

Tall Guy said...

Hm. Casual...

Perhaps "The Slippers"?

By the way: Very professional-looking pop-screen, Kevin! :)


whitneydonkey said...

how about "the pantaloons"

K. said...

Thanks, TG. Been using a cardboard beer mat up til recently. It is awkward to use but results in an interesting vocal effect.

Mrs. Housepants can never remember its called a pop filter, and keeps calling it a puff daddy. Methinks she is just getting me back for hijacking her to Guitar Center against her will.

I like all these suggestions for backup singers J. and K.