Monday, July 25, 2005

Behind the Blog - LRHS

I have had a couple requests for this, so here is the story. I hesitate to tell it, as the truth is often a bit of a let-down, but here it is:

Those of you who know Kev, know he is a low-talker. I hear about 60% of what he says, and have to use the context to guess at the rest, which can sometimes cause problems, but I'm usually in the ballpark. Sometimes, however, he says things that sound so bizarre that I can't even imagine what he must have said, and so I have to ask. I wish I had some examples...maybe Kev can remember some.

Anyway, as much of a low-talker as Kev is, he is even more of a low-singer. And one day, he was playing his guitar and singing Sway, popularized by the great Dean Martin. So he was singing along, and I heard the crazy-sounding lyric, " a lazy russian horses show...". So I thought it over for a minute, and said, "Um, did you just say like a lazy russian horses show?" and he, of course, said "No." For those of you who don't know, it turns out the actual lyric is "Like a lazy river hugs the shore." So, like so many episodes of Three's Company, it was all just a wacky misunderstanding.

Anyway, I thought the LRHS would make a great name for our first CD, but Kev opted for the much more original title, "Volume 1," so I used the name for the blog.

And now you know the REST of the story.

P.S. Bryce used to think that when Eric Clapton was singing "Layla," he was actually singing, "Hang tough." And he once told me about hearing a great new band called Cool Breeze. He was talking about Cold Play.


whitneydonkey said...

in paul simon's 50 ways to leave your lover, i used to think the line was "don't need to discuss Mus, just get out the key Lee, and set yourself free!"
i think it is much, not Mus.
maybe i'm wrong.

Julie said...

I too wondered the history of LRHS- good story! I have a ton of these mis spoken lyrics- one I can think of I can't remember if it is mine or my friend's is a country song- the band escapes me at the moment- the real words are - "Wheels stay under me.." my friend sang- "wheels stand and weep..."!

john clarke said...

I am a huge fan of the Bryce-ism.

I love that if Bryce doesn't know the proper word for something, he pieces together words that are technically correct, but really funny.

My favorite was when Bryce was describing his trip to Italy. And he marveled at all of the "wine fields" he saw.

K. said...

K-speak: In druids time a lone stalker.

Translation: Its true, I'm a low-talker.


Tall Guy said...

I am now inspired: I have added to my "To Do" list to write a song under the title of "Lazy Russian Horses Show."