Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Dinner

There are few things that make me feel more like a grown-up than cooking a big Sunday dinner. Clockwise from top: carrots, spaetzle, fresh corn, pot roast, new potatoes, and mushrooms, all topped with delicious gravy (thanks to Kev for being in charge of gravy). We will eat this meal again on Tuesday, and here's the best part: whatever is left after that will become pot pies! So, sometimes being a grown-up ain't bad. Plus when you are a grown-up, you can leave out the onions if you want.

(PS. In general, I don't really feel much like a grown-up most of the time.)


Gye Greene said...

Leaving out the onions??!! Fried onions make the whole house smell good! :)

I had to Google "spaezle." (Guess Norwegian/Swedish/Japanese descendents from Seattle don't encounter it much.) This website makes it sound nice! Like a stroganoff?

Nice photo! Like something from an IHOP menu. :)


marty said...

Pot Pies is minor league... u need to make potroast ravioli with home-made pasta shells that is the way to deal with leftovers... did I mention ... I love my wife!!!!

Tara said...

I just do the best I can.

K. said...

Shout out to my mom for teaching me how to make spaetzle, and for the good pot roast recipe.

We actually have the Spaeztle-Hex (literally, "Spaetzle-Witch") that GG is reffering to. T. bought it for me a few years ago. The directions (translated from German) are somewhat amusing, and it works just as well as my mom's old-school version.

I recommend the Spaetzle-Hex for all your spaetzle-making needs.