Friday, July 15, 2005

Uncle Marty

Speaking of my Uncle Marty, here he is at last year's 4th of July picnic. For some reason, people in Indiana say JOO-ly instead of ju-LY, which Kev thinks is funny. Then again, Kev says 'wooder' instead of 'water', so there you go. Anyway, besides wearing novelty holiday caps, Marty likes to build stuff, and he is a pilot, and he flies small planes and an ultralight. I was always too scared to go up in the ultralight with Marty until I parasailed, and then I really wanted to go. But I think I missed my window, because after the recent death of Wal-Mart heir Somebody Walton in an ultralight crash, the fear is back. Oh well. Dangit. Posted by Picasa


john clarke said...

Apparantly, those in Indiana are also fond of Velcro shoes. Man, I haven't seen a pair those since '83. That's some bold retroism.

john clarke said...

Also, ask Marty where he got those shoes. If they are available for purchase I will buy a pair. I'm tired of tying my shoelaces. And I want to kick it old school. I'm not kidding.

Julie said...

T- If you can parasail - you can do anything. Don't worry about Mr. Walmart- SKSG would say that was karma- you know how she feels about the ole Walmart. Nothing would happen to you. You have no bad karma- only happy thoughts. :)

Gye Greene said...

In the Seattle area, people say "wadder" (as in, "one who wads things up"). Made it hard for The Lady when she moved there: being Australian, she pronounces it "wah-tah."

A lot of confusion at fast food places, where you try to order a burger plus a cup of water:

"...and could I also have a cup of wah-tah?"



john clarke said...

I found the grey velcro shoes at --- Walmart. But they were out of 9 1/2. Dang!

tschy said...

trust me, finding those velcro shoes is no easy task. when he finds them, he buys them in bulk. It used to be that the velcro shoes were cheap - like $8. Now, I think they are getting pricier. He pisses and moans if he has to pay $15 a pair.