Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog Break

The LRHS will probably be quiet for the next few days, as we are expecting our visitors from Long Island early Thursday morning. Channel Five Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock has just informed me that here in the Metroplex, things are about to get pretty bad, with triple digit temps this weekend, and a heat index of 105. I will not blame anyone if they chicken out of visiting. Right now, for example, it is 10:30 pm, and it is still 90 degrees. 90 DEGREES! At NIGHT! Ugh. I was talking to Kev's sister who lives near Boston the other day. She said, "Oh, it's so hot here, it's 85." Please. I bet it's delightfully cool there in the evenings at least.

A big Happy Birthday to our brother-in-law Pat, by the way. Pat is cool, and has a very underrated sense of humor in my opinion. He cracks me up, but it's usually with something he says very quietly. I kinda feel priviliged...I think Marty and I are usually the only ones who get to hear the jokes most of the time. And, he has a real sword! So, Happy Birthday, Pat. And we hope to see you next month in HP.

In spite of the oppressive heat, I am really looking forward to our house-guests' arrival. We are going to have lots of fun. There should be plenty of tales of mild adventure on next week's blog.

The good cat is still homeless, so please contact me somehow if you or anyone you know can give her a home. I played with her for a long time this afternoon. She likes string. I'm afraid I am getting attached.

UPDATE: Just woke up and got the news that I think my mom has found a home for the good cat with a nice little old lady. That makes me happy.

I'd like to close with a fun fact, but I can't think of one now. So, I owe you...


Julie said...

Yea!!! The kitty has a home- I felt sorry for the cat- but I too am allergic. I am sad that you will be taking a blog break- but thanks for the notice- what is the story with Larry Feathers? He is such a tease!!!

Tall Guy said...

Please give us an illustrative example or two of Pat-humour. Thanks!


Robert_M said...

blog break=bad