Friday, July 15, 2005

Fun with Nostalgia!

GCC logo Posted by Picasa

If you went to the movies a lot during the 70's, you will probably remember the cool jazzy theme song that went with this logo during the previews. If you would like to hear it, go here:

Scroll down a lot, until you see the GCC logo picture, then listen to the .wav file thingy.

That was in the good old days before we had to sit thru 15 minutes of commercials before the movie. I think I am going to make a t-shirt of the logo.


Robert_M said...

I'm happy to hear that little theme again

john clarke said...

"Do do dit dit dit dit da."

My friend Margaret and I saw a lot of movies together in the early 80's. And that theme used to make Margaret giggle because she saod it scared her little sister, Anne, for some unknown reason. But then again, Anne was 6-years-old then. I saw the 29 year old Anne two weeks ago, who's very cool and married now. And for the 20th time, I've forgotten to ask her the General Cinemas theme frightened her so.