Monday, July 25, 2005

Dr. Pepper / 7-Up Ballpark Posted by Picasa

By now, our guests are back on Long Island, and it's quiet and a little sad around here. I hope they enjoyed their visit, which was mostly about baseball, recording, eating, and shopping. I want to thank them again for bringing me some good coffee, and the CLASSICAL LOON cd, which was an awesome surprise. And I want to encourage everyone to go to support minor league baseball. It is good. And fun.

Last night, Kev and I had one of his sandwich creations for dinner: the French Connection 2, I think it's called. I made French toast, and we filled it with scrambled egg, ham, and cheese. It was really good. I usually make sweet French toast, by adding cinnamon, vanilla, and orange juice to the egg mixture, but this time, I just used salt and pepper so it would be more sandwich-bready. And we had a delightful fruit and yogurt combo on the side, which is something I recommend for all of you who were blogging about breakfast options. It is quick and cheap and very healthy. Add some granola for extra crunchy fun! Then after dinner, we watched the Aviator on PPV, boy that Howard Hughes was a crazy guy.

I spent 2 hours this morning at the eye doctor's office so that she could tell me nothing's changed since last time, or for that matter, the last 5 or 6 years. It now costs me $150.oo per year for her to tell me that, and it is required by the state of Texas that I go once a year. I will not go on about how much this infuriates me. And now I don't have time to go to Central Market, so I guess I'm gonna have to Iron Chef tonight's dinner. What can you do with half a watermelon, some gnocci, and some canned corn?


Chickpchick said...

Menu option: Gnocci and fresh summer melon salad...and a corn popper to wash it all down. YUM!

Gye Greene said...

Don't remember if someone already suggested this in the earlier "sandwich" blog -- but "Kev's Sandwich Creations" would be a great name for his speciality, down-home, take-away sandwich shoppe!


Gye Greene said...

BTW, the State of TX requiring annual eye checkups is an interesting idea. D'you know how long ago it started? Was it pushed by the eyeball doctor lobby -- or was is for public health reasons? Or, because they found too many traffic accidents were caused by people who couldn't see?

Also: Hopefully, they check not just for vision, but also for various eye diseases. It's keeping annual tabs on things that's important -- not that there's no change. You could say the same thing about mammograms: "I used to go every year, but they never found anything -- so I stopped going."

(Sorry -- I'm probably squashing a perfectly good rant...) ;)


Tara said...

They check for everything, and that's good. I just think they could change the rules so that if everything is unchanged for say 3 years in a row, you could start only having to go every other year.

And you only have to go every year if you want to get new contact lenses...not the general public. Sorry for being unclear on that. Since I wear disposable lenses, I have to re-order them every so often, and they won't let me if I'm overdue for an exam.