Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lost Time

I was just about to get out of the shower, and thought, "My hair feels kinda funny, maybe I forgot to shampoo." I racked my brain, and could not recall whether or not any shampoo had actually ever made it into my hair. So I had to do a quick lather and rinse, just in case. The only explanation for this is alien abduction. I refuse to consider that I'm losing my mind.

Not that it matters if I shampooed or not. My hair doesn't stand a chance on days like this. I look a little like that guy from Loudness on John's blog.


Julie said...

If you believe that Tara then you Tom Cruise has a cure for you!! I think should go with the latter. It is okay- your birthday is coming up- yes you are getting a little older. :) and oh so much wiser!!!

Robert_M said...

I do it all the time, and it's nothing to do with aliens.

Gye Greene said...

Or, Robert, it has EV-erything to do with aliens! (You're on their Frequent Flier plan...)


Bitty said...

I just blogged on this yesterday.

Showering is hard work, and it's tough to remember to do everything and in the right order.

I tried to answer the question by smelling my hair, but that didn't help because the whole bathroom reeked of the perfume of my body wash, neutralizing all other aromas.

Your blog is fun to read!