Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rock Show

Last night we went to the Granada to see Chris Whitley. First, a correction: Chris Whitley is not so much a blues-rock man as he is a blues/rock man. He is not a big player on commercial radio, but some of you may remember his hit song Big Sky Country from back in the day. Most of his stuff is really good, but he has done some experimental stuff with electronics that I don't care for. Last night, though, it was just him and his kick-ass resonator guitar, and he was impressive. Plus I like him because he has a little daughter named Trixie, and she draws pictures that he sometimes uses for his album covers. (Can we still say "album" covers? Do the kids know what that means?) Now, I am worried for Trixie, because I think Chris Whitley might die soon. He just doesn't look good. He smokes between every song, and he makes Steve Buscemi look like a real fat guy. I think he could easily be snapped in half by a moderately strong person like the Rock or the Big Show or Mike Tyson.

At the very beginning of the show, a drunk girl in the audience shouted out "Big Sky Country!" Do you think that is a kidney punch to Chris Whitley? He finally played it at the end, but it was nothing like the original version apart from the words, and it was probably unrecognizable to the drunk girl. Another thing that was shouted during the show by a big-haired Dallas lady behind me, who was apparently finding CW's smoke breaks tiresome, was, "Let's rock dude! You know you can!" Kidney punch.

Best part of the evening: We WALKED to the Granada because it was delightfully cool outside.

Note to the obnoxious fratboy in front of us: I don't know who Fred Eaglesmith is, but I did not find your "I Shot Your Dog" T-shirt the least bit amusing. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Julie said...

I want a t-shirt that says "I shot the frat boy!"

john clarke said...

It is high time for the respectful live music fans of Dallas to stand up the the idiots who are ruining the experience.

I remember a time when this was rarely an issue. Back when Deep Ellum was not a tourist destination, you'd get a bottle broken over your head if you were acting like a fool at Club Clearview.

Now, people talk during the show, yell stupid crap at the band, and constistantly push their way through the audience because they have to visit with friends on the opposite side of the venue.

Remember when Lloyd Cole stopped his encore at the Gypsy Tea Room because people wouldn't shut up?

So here's what I propose. If the kids at the Old 97's show are elbowing their way through the audience don't move for them (I've done this.) If somebody's yacking constantly right next to you, ask them to please be quiet or go outside (done this too.) And if somebody yells "Free Bird" go old school and put the Shiner bottle in your hand to good use (can't wait to do this).

Buffy said...

Eaglesmith's "I shot your dog" is actually a remorseful song about a farmer confessing to his neighbor that mistook his dog for a coyote that'd been killing his chickens. He feels real bad about it and wants to make amends.

But I can understand your reaction since the t-shirt provides no context.

Gye Greene said...

If'n it's a bundled collection of songs, it's an "album." The format -- LP, cassette tape, CD -- makes no diff'rnce.

IMO. :)