Friday, July 15, 2005

Confusing Marty Birthdays

My Uncle Marty's birthday is either the 14th or 15th of July (no one seems to know), and my brother-in-law Marty's birthday is either the 12th or 13th of July (depending on who you ask)and I think am getting too old to try to keep track of all this because I used to be really good at remembering birthdays but now, not so much, and I keep getting things all mixed up. So I would like all people named Marty who were born on days in July to have great birthdays.

Also having a birthday this month: Bryce, Eric B., Pat C., Nana, and Tommy. Happy Birthday to you all!


tschy said...

I can shed a bit of light on your uncle Marty - though I am not 100% sure that anyone really knows. He was actually born on the 15th. However, at some point, when he requested a new birth certificate - where they actually had to type it out - they goofed and changed it to the 15th. He actually has 2 certified birth certificates - one with each day. Since he is turning 62 this year, he is getting excited about the prospect of finally getting to draw social security. He called them and they think is dob is the 15th.

Tara said...

Thanks, tschy! And if I may go ahead and say, have a happy birthday I think sometime in October!

Actually, I have two different dates on two different birth certificates, too. I may have been celebrating a day early all these years. Perhaps Indiana needs to work on its clerical skills.

Tall Guy said...

You (Tara, Uncle Marty), realize that these clerical errors allow you to celebrate **two** birthdays per year (yet only become one year older, total). 2x the cake, 2x the parties and presents...

You are legally entitled, by the State of Indiana.