Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dream Job

Today a friend of mine asked me what is my dream job and I was sad that I had no answer. A mariner, perhaps? Or the person that names the paint sample colors.


Meems said...

That would be a good job...the paint namer....I am sure they have them somewhere.

K. said...

Its good that they don't put me in charge of paint names. Rather than come up with safe-but-gay names like "Seaside" and "Soft Sunrise", mine would all be like "Depression" and "Malaise".

"Honey, I think we should paint the kid's room Malaise, what do you think?".


marty said...

Tim Rall wishes to be a Mariner too!!!

How do i get that niffty picture next to my comments?

Tara said...

Marty - I'm not sure, Kev did that for me. Maybe he can explain.

K. said...

I forget exactly, but it has something to do with your profile. First you need to upload the picture you want to your blog, then edit your profile and select that picture, or something like that. You can later delete the original pic from your blog. Take a look at this Help article:


Tall Guy said...

Dream job for Tara: Professional Blogger. $100/blog, plus Christmas bonus.

If you blogged once a day, that's $36,500/year. More if you had multiple posts per day.