Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Countdown to Cooler Days

Happy T. with Breakfast and Coffee Posted by Picasa

Cool weather is good because it means you can go camping. This is a camping photo from last year at Kerrville State Park. I am very very happy in this picture because it is clearly cool out (jacket-weather) and I am eating French Toast (no, I'm not gonna call it Freedom Toast) and drinking coffee. Did you ever notice that for some reason food tastes better on camp-outs? Kev is a really good camp-out cooker. The first time we camped, he made stuffed pork chops! They were great. On this trip, Kev got a little excited with the lighter fluid, and almost burned down the State Park. There was a big burst of flames and a trail of fire on our site, and there was me running around in circles going,"What do we do? What do we do?" Kev got the fire under control. Then we had some s'mores. I love camping. Soon it will be fall...

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Julie said...

Are you drinking whiskey with your breakfast?