Thursday, July 28, 2005


I have been boo-ed twice in my life. Those of you who know me, know that I do not like attention being called to me, especially negative attention. So getting boo-ed is pretty traumatic.

The first time I got boo-ed was on New Year's Eve about 6 or 7 years ago. I was at the Barley House with friends. As I walked into the covered patio room, I saw my friend Damon and some others sitting at a table. Suddenly. Damon boo-ed me as loud as he could in front of everyone. It was a really mean boo, like in the Princess Bride. To this day, I do not know why. He claims he was going to boo whoever came around that corner, and it was unfortunately me. I like Damon a lot, but I doubt if I'll ever get over that boo-ing.

The second time I got boo-ed, I was at the Tipperary Inn. It was quiz night. After each quiz question, a member of each team writes the answer on a little paper and places it in basket up on the quiz-meister's table. It was my turn. I dropped my answer in the basket (imagine this in slow motion now) and as I turned to go back to our table, I tripped on the cords to the stereo system and pulled the entire thing off the table and onto the floor with a crash. There was a moment of shocked silence when the music stopped, and then the chorus of boos. I wanted to die. In my defence, those cords should not have been all over the floor where innocent quiz-goers could trip over them.

The only other thing that happened that was almost that bad, was when Rob Roden washed his hands of me. He stood up in front of several people and announced emphatically, "I wash my hands of you, Tara (last name)!" I kinda deserved that...I was being a real downer that night. But it still hurt my feelings. Anyway, I reckon the booings were worse. So try not to get boo-ed. It isn't very much fun.


Julie said...

YEEEAAAA!!!!!! TARA!!!!!

Bleach n Sheets said...

I would never boo you or talk about booing you. promise.

Gye Greene said...

Sorry: context, for non-Texans?

Who's Rob Roden?

Thx! :)


P.S. Sorry you were boo-ed. :( Sadness.

Tara said...

I appreciate that.

Rob R. is a friend of mine from childhood, and an overall great guy.

SA-Eric said...

I miss quiz night at the Tipperary Inn. And Tara getting mad at another teams name for being insensitive. Good heart tara.

blogalicious said...

I have since taken back the hand washing. I regret the whole unfortunate incident. - R.Roden

Tara said...

Rob...I think the whole thing is funny. Do not give it another thought. I could be a real pain back then. At least you didn't Boo me like Damon.