Friday, July 29, 2005

Buzz Buzz

There are these three kids I see, all from the same family, and since they live pretty close to me, I go to their house instead of all of us having to trek up to my office in Plano. So I got there today, groggy and cranky, but I knew things were about to change for the better when I saw that another vehicle had also just pulled up to their house. It was a big red truck with a vanity plate that said "BZZZZZ" and it had a sign which said, "Caution: Live Bees."

It turns out that they had a giant colony of honey bees living under the eave of their dormer window, and the bee-keeper man was there to take it down so that it could be re-located to a new home. He put on a whole bee-keeping suit and everything! Then he climbed up a ladder and brought the bees down and he let us come out to look and he gave us a chunk of honeycomb and we all got to taste some honey. and he showed us the larvae and the pupae and told the kids all about bees. It was SO cool! The oldest of the kids decided right then and there that he is going to be a bee-keeper when he grows up, and I told him I support that. I overheard the beekeeper tell the mom of the house that he would like $800.00 for his services, please. He was only there for like 90 minutes.

When the beekeeper left, the oldest boy (age 9), who incidently has Aperger's syndrome, said, "You know Miss Tara, it is pretty amazing that something so violent can produce something so sweet." Sometimes, I really like my job.


Julie said...

That is very cool- I wish you had your camera!!! do you have a camera phone? need to invest.... even though you don't love cell phones- that would have been a great moment!

Tall Guy said...

$800 for an hour and a half sounds like a lot of money -- but OTOH, I suppose Bee Guy doesn't do a great many housecalls. And I don't know how lucrative the Bee Industry is. ;)